Leading Edge Technology for
Insulation & Composite Foam Cores

Dyplast Products® has the well-earned reputation as the authority on low temperature pipe and mechanical insulation, sheet insulation, and on composite foam cores. Six decades of improvements in manufacturing and fabrication capabilities, aggressive product development, and independent certifications have led to ISO-C1® and ISO-HT® polyisocyanurate insulants representing the best-in-class mechanical pipe and sheet insulation. ISO-C1 and ISO-HT mechanical insulation have physical properties demonstrated over decades as optimal for cryogenic (e.g. LNG), refrigeration, chilled water, and low temperature steam applications. Dyplast EPS (expanded polystyrene) products, such as GeoFoam, HoleyBoard, Packaging, and Special Cuts also lead the industry in quality and value. 

Dyplast Composites division manufactures ISO-CF® structural foam core polyisocyanurate (an improved polyurethane) and Dyplast EPS composite materials that been demonstrated as highest value when it comes to strength-to-weight ratios, low water absorption, excellent dimensional stability, and thermal insulating characteristics. Whether in panel or more specialty composite applications requiring more complex geometries and customized densities ISO-CF and Dyplast EPS are increasingly displacing composite substrates with inferior qualities, and often at a lower cost.

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