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Hello and welcome to Dyplast Products!

If you're reading this message, then you're probably considering working at Dyplast. I'm very pleased to hear that you want to be part of our team.

When you join Dyplast, you'll be part of a collaborative, encouraging and thought-provoking business environment. You'll become a member of a dynamic team. You'll work with a high-performing and innovative team of thought leaders dedicated to lead the industry in mechanical insulation.

We are measurably raising the bar enhancing customer experiences through the delivery of exceptional customer service, by developing better performing insulation lines, educating industry players about the value of insulation and by attracting and retaining the best and brightest labor force in the industry.

At Dyplast, your work will have an impact. Joining Dyplast is the ultimate career destination. We hold our people in the highest regard and celebrate their high energy disposition through our employee appreciation program and team building events. We combine all of this with a respect for diversity, a competitive compensation and benefits package and a big smile.

If this sounds like a place you'd like to contribute to, I encourage you to apply online.

Job Openings

Apply now by completing and saving the fillable PDF Employment Form below. All you have to do is click on the Dyplast Employment Form link, download the form and save it to your desktop. Once you complete it, upload it to our site. The HR Department will screen all applications submitted. Thanks for your interest in joining our team!

We are Dyplast! 

In Dyplast a code of ethics and a sense of belonging is kept very much alive. We are very proud of our intellectual capital and for the opportunities that present themselves when working with the greatest minds in the insulation industry. We've vowed to lead the industry through the manufacturing of accredited product lines that meet or exceed industry standards.
Quality and service is always on our minds. Everything we do is rooted on that principle; even the tagline our team developed "Insulate today, preserve tomorrow" reminds us of our commitment to quality and service. Dyplast's interest is to preserve tomorrow through the manufacturing of good quality insulation.

Dyplast's Team is fully involved in continually moving Dyplast forward through collaborative efforts.



Once Upon a Mike

mike-mike.jpgOnce Upon a Mike there lived not one but two high performing chemical engineers who set sail to sunny South Florida. Both Mikes landed at good old Dyplast a few years ago where they swore to always deliver the highest quality insulation product line available in the industry for applications at all temperature ranges. Both, with sophisticated QC devices in hand, have enlisted others with similar eyes to join their quality control efforts and transfer their knowledge, expertise and commitment to insulation.



Technical Team

technical team

The technical team's goal is to formulate and deliver the highest quality insulation product line available in the industry for applications at all temperature ranges and by transfering their knowledge and expertise to the rest of the team enhancing their value to the industry. The team includes a dedicated Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC) group. The QA/QC's goal is to use our sophisticated QC devices ensuring the products meet the required standards and complete customer satisfaction.

Dyplast's team develops the Dyplast "Tag Line" and advertising messages"


"Leading Edge Technology for Insulation and Composite Foam Cores" represents the Dyplast brand and reinforces our commitment to quality and customer service.

Using Deming's 14-Point Philosophy two Dyplast teams deliberated and reached consensus on an advertising message that capture new and fresh ideas for inclusion in mechanical pipe insulation magazines and association newsletters.

Our tagline development followed suit conveying Dyplast's consciousness towards continuous improvements of systems and processes, training and developing of our staff and in satisfying our customers' needs and wants. Marketing materials distributed since 2013 as well as our social media sites integrated the tagline and new advertisements generated through a coordinated effort of Dyplast teams.

Learn from the best, Dyplast is at its best through the transfer of knowledge shared by the best and brightest in the industry.


Account Management Team

The Dyplast Sales Team is committed to adding value to our customers through education. Training remains a management and personal commitment. The team, along with members of the technical group, have been trained as certified insulation Energy Appraisers. Together both groups use these skills to drive business by identifying the optimal insulation thickness and corresponding energy and dollar savings for any insulation application project. This approach serves to demonstrate how Dyplast aligns employee activities with our overall business strategy and shared company values. It also enhances Dyplast's brand in the marketplace.

Claude Hartdegen, Senior Account Manager

Robert Sanchinel, Senior Account Manager

Michael Boyco, Director of Technology

Linda Fanelle, Customer Relation Manager

Glenda Del Toro, Account Relations Specialist